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Half-load Season 

To protect Town roads during the spring thaw there is an annual half-load season from March 15 to May 15. During this period vehicles are restricted to a maximum of 5 tonnes per axle. The dates may be adjusted depending on weather.

When half-load season is over heavy truck travel is still restricted on Town roads except for "local deliveries," so long as drivers take the shortest available route. (Proof of delivery / bill of lading is required in that heavy truck completing delivery.)

Refer to the Town Traffic By-law at for more information.


Stay up to date on current road conditions in Caledon:

Road Closure / Sharing of Road Permits

For Parades: You may apply for a Road Closure / Sharing of Road permit to close or share a road for a parade. The cost for a full road closure is $750.00 and the cost for an intermittent road closure is $265.00. Applicants must arrange for off-duty police officers to provide traffic control for the event, and must seek approval from the Town of Caledon's Fire & Emergency Services Department. The applicant will be required to provide proof of liability insurance for $5,000,000.00 naming the Town of Caledon as an additional insured.

For Construction: You may apply for a road closure permit to close a road to traffic for utility installations or other reasons that require complete closure of a road. The cost for full road closure is $750.00. The cost for intermittent road closure is $265.00. All road closure permits require approval of the Town of Caledon Fire & Emergency Services before Public Works will issue the permit. 

Guidelines (pdf) | Application (pdf)

Road Occupancy Permits

By-law 91-86, states no person shall work on the Town's right-of-way (roadways) without a permit. The applicant will be required to perform all work in accordance with the terms of the application (refer to by-law). Please note the change in the fee structure below:

  • Minor work involving 'softscape' - $110.25
  • Major work involving 'hardscape' - $300.00
  • Securities are now required for ALL 'hardscape' work

A valid Certificate of Insurance noting the Town of Caledon as an Additional Insured, with a minimum Commercial General liability of $5 million per occurrence, is required with the Road Occupancy Permit.

Application (pdf)

Winter Maintenance

snowplowThe Town of Caledon provides winter operations, sanding and plowing on our roads.

Town and contracted equipment patrol, plow and spread de-icers on our roads based on the legal responsibility outlined in the Ministry of Transportation Minimum Maintenance Standards and Highway Traffic Act.

It takes staff approximately 8 hours after the end of a typical winter storm to complete the clearing of snow from the 1542 lane kilometers that make up our local roads.  Please note that during larger winter events the clearing of snow can take much longer. We ask that motorists and pedestrians exercise caution and take extra time to reach your destination.

Town by-laws dictate that parked vehicles cannot impede snow removal operations.

The Region of Peel provides winter maintenance for the arterial road system in Caledon. These arterial roads are designed and maintained to handle higher volumes and high speed traffic. The Region of Peel's winter maintenance service level is very high and it is recommended that during winter driving conditions, the Regional road system be used for any trips other than local destination trips. More information about our winter maintenance operations)

Salt and Chloride Management

Chlorides can be detrimental to the environment and infrastructure. The Town of Caledon has and will continue to take initiatives to effectively use chlorides and reduce the environmental impacts of their use.

Street Sweeping

During the winter, the Town uses a mixture of salt for de-icing snow and ice, and uses sand for abrasives to add traction to the road surface. As a result, there is residual sand on the road surface during the spring that is mechanically swept and vacuumed starting in late April. The sweeping cannot begin until all winter operations are completed. It takes approximately four weeks to complete every road in Caledon.

Gravel Roads

The Town maintains 120.5 km of gravel road in 84 different road sections. Gravel roads are more economical to maintain as a hard surfaced road when the traffic volumes exceed 400 vehicles per day. Gravel roads will always play a role in Caledon's transportation network for low volume rural roads. The key to gravel roads is regular maintenance and Caledon's Public Work Department inspects its roads on a regular basis to determine maintenance needs and deploys resources as conditions dictate.

Rural Roadside Mowing

The Town of Caledon maintains over 600 km of rural roads. The Public Works Department endeavours to maintain the roadside in a reasonably kept state, as well as respecting the environment. The Town of Caledon is a pesticide free municipality and opts to mow the rural roadsides and intersections. The standard is a 6ft swath cut along the rural road edge twice per year--once in June and the second in July or August, depending on growth rates.


For more information, please contact Finance and Infrastructure Services at 905.584.2272 x. 4328 or send us an e-mail.

After Hours Emergencies: 1.800.563.7881