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Caledon Fire and Emergency Services


Home Safe Home Campaign

 Home Safe Home

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A Message from Dave Forfar, Fire Chief:

Fire Chief Dave Forfar

I am honoured to be the Fire Chief of the Town of Caledon Fire and Emergency Services. Caledon has nine fire stations and over 290 dedicated, professional and proud personnel working hard to provide our residents with effective, efficient and prompt fire protection services. The fire service provides many services to residents, ensuring we create a fire safe community by promoting fire safety in a number of ways.

Fire prevention and public education

Fire prevention inspections serve to ensure the Fire Code is maintained in commercial, industrial and business establishments, as well as senior's residences, all public accessible buildings and other occupancies where the public interest needs to be protected. Our public education programs in schools and at community events provide information and teach fire safety to our children and adults alike. I encourage each and every one of you to look for our display at community events and pick up some tips and information on fire safety.

Protecting your family from fire is a partnershipburn permits online application

We provide advice and information, while you ensure your home conforms to that advice and information. Fire has evolved to become increasingly more dangerous, because of the high use of plastic materials in our furniture and home building products. In a fire, these materials emit extremely high heat and very toxic gases. The only line of defense you have is to ensure there are properly installed and working smoke alarms in your home. I encourage everyone to install at least two smoke alarms on every level of the house, including the basement, and check your smoke alarms every six months. We recommend changing the batteries every time you change your clocks. If you install a fixed wire smoke alarm, make sure it has a battery back-up built into the device or install a battery operated smoke alarm alongside the fixed wire smoke alarm. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations as to where to install the device. Working smoke alarms will give you and your family a small window of opportunity to escape toxic smoke and fire. The law also requires at least one Carbon Monoxide detector to be installed in every house to warn occupants of the deadly gases presence. Please install Carbon Monoxide detectors.  

Looking after loved onesburn status

Senior's residences are becoming a topic of discussion in our communities, especially after the last tragedy in Quebec. If you are in the process of selecting a senior's residence for loved ones, ensure sprinklers and working smoke alarms are installed. If your loved one lives in a residence with multiple floors and has trouble using the stairs, request they are put on the Persons Requiring Assistance list, located within the buildings Fire Safety Plan.

Let's work together to become the number one fire safe community in Ontario.


Dave Forfar
Fire Chief of Caledon Fire and
Emergency Services