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Our team will be happy to assist you with booking your next event!

STEP ONE - Looking for a venue?

Learn more about our facilities and their amenities with our Facilities Finder.       Facilities Finder

STEP TWO - What type of request is it?

One-Time / Occasional Rental - Are you looking to book a one-time / occasional rental (i.e. birthday party, family baseball game)?  Please submit a One-Time Rental Request or call 905.584.2272 x. 7327.

Seasonal Rental - Are you looking to book a facility on an on-going or seasonal basis (i.e. meeting room once per month for 6 months or a soccer field every Saturday morning from July - August).  Please submit a Seasonal Rental Request or call 905-584-2272 x. 4235 during business hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Seasonal Application Timelines

Facility Type Season Application Deadline

Rooms and Halls


September - August


March 31th of current year




September - April


March 31st of current year


Arenas and Floors


April - August


November 15th of previous year


Swimming Pools



September - June

July - August


March 1st of current year

November 15th of previous year


Outdoor Facilities


May - October

(weather permitting)

January 31st of current year


 One-Time Rental Request form (pdf)            Seasonal Rental Request form (pdf)

Organizing a Successful Event

In order to run a successful event, you may be required to obtain additional permits or documents in order to adhere to local, provincial and federal legislation.

Parks and Recreation staff are available to guide you through the event planning process, connect you with resources, and assist with obtaining additional permits.

We can help!

Need help getting started?

Event Organizer Checklist Terms and Conditions Community Signs Request

Are you serving alcohol?

  • All bookings involving the serving of alcohol need to comply with the Municipal Alcohol Management Policy, and are required to obtain a Special Occasions Permit Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Special Occasions Permit Alcohol and Gaming Special Occasion Agreement

Do you need a road closure permit?

  • If your event will be taking place on a roadway, or involves closing a roadway, you will be required to obtain a Road Closure Permit.

Road Closure Guidelines Road Closure Application

Are you playing recorded music?

  • Did you know that if you are playing recorded music as part of your rental, you are required to pay a small fee to SOCAN and/or Re:Sound? Learn more

Will you be setting up tents, or a stage?

  • Depending on the size and number of additional tent structures required for your booking, you may need a Building Permit in order to comply with regulations. Learn more

Insurance Requirements

Proof of insurance is required for all facility rentals.

Third party elements of your booking (such as entertainers and caterers) will also be required to provide proof of insurance as part of the booking process.

A certificate of insurance naming the Town of Caledon as an additional insured must be received a minimum of two weeks prior to the event date, or insurance may be purchased through the Recreation Division at an additional cost.